Work Requests in Herriman

Davenport Foundation Repair is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Herriman. Learn more about Davenport Foundation Repair's recent work requests in Herriman and nearby areas!

Learn more about Davenport Foundation Repair's recent work requests in Herriman, UT
Vicinity of S. New Maple Drive in Herriman
Sunken driveway. Crooked slab back porch
Vicinity of Klorissa Pl in Herriman
We have a house in Herriman that has had issues with basement flooding in the past due to window wells overflowing. I don't think there is drainage and it seems as though water collects from the bottom. We installed sump pumps in the two windows that leaked but are interested in a more permanent solution. Would like to know what options we have and get an idea of scope and cost. The basement is 100% finished
Vicinity of Woods Peak Cir in Herriman
We seem to have our foundation sinking. There are cracks in the foundation and throughout the stucco. We are about to pour concrete on our RV pad that will run next to the most noticeable cracks.
Vicinity of So. Jana Ct in Herriman
Front porch and driveway
Vicinity of S Jana Ct in Herriman
Section of driveway and walkway are sinking near a gutter downspout. Need the drain pipe pushed further out into lawn to prevent further water erosion, and driveway/walkway lifted to fix the sinking.
Vicinity of Smoky Oaks Lane in Herriman
Excessive settling on 3 year old home causing cracking and sloping of concrete floor in basement and concrete patio.
Vicinity of Eagle Peak Drive in Herriman
Selling my home. Driveway is sinking and the foundation needs to be looked at.
Vicinity of in Herriman
One of my drive way pads is sinking
Vicinity of W Orchard Spring Dr in Herriman
I have some sagging area on my main floor. I am jot what is causing this and wondering if you could stop by and give me a quote.
Vicinity of Clouds Rest Ln in Herriman
Part of driveway is sinking
Vicinity of S JEANNETTE LN in Herriman
Looking to get my driveway lifted
Vicinity of Lightening Peak Circle in Herriman
I need a quote on reinforcing crawl space support posts in my South Ogden home. I'd like to have the work done in the next week.
Vicinity of Sun Bloom Lane in Herriman
I have a cold storage that has a crack in the ceiling from the porch above that leaks water
Vicinity of W. Prospero Lane in Herriman
Some lower spots / unevenness under one location in hallway - laminate, and into a basement bedroom - carpet. Approx. 6'x2' area. Home was built in 2000, finished basement 2006.
Vicinity of South Bronco Hills Circle in Herriman
Back patio settling
Vicinity of Heritage Hill Ct in Herriman
Patio needs lifting
Vicinity of South Pioneer St. in Herriman
Front walk sinking
Vicinity of Valle Vista Dr in Herriman
We have a water leak in our basement from a crack in the foundation.
Vicinity of S Jana Ct in Herriman
Concrete lifting front driveway and rear patio
Vicinity of W Windy Ridge Drive in Herriman
Front sidewalk needs to be mud jacked. Poorly installed sidewalk original 2013 installation.
Vicinity of Rosecrest Rd in Herriman
Concrete leveler placed by home builder on basement floor is not level and cracking.
Vicinity of S. Bugle Ridge Dr. in Herriman
I have a patio which has settled and want to fill voids as preventative measures before damage occurs.
Vicinity of Maria Way in Herriman
Part of my garage concrete is sinking.
Vicinity of Prairie Dawn Lane in Herriman
I have a window well under a patio cover that continues to fill with water during moderate to heavy rain storms. I don't want to have to rely on a sump pump to keep it from entering the basement and would like some advice on my options.
Vicinity of W Prairie Dawn Ln in Herriman
Water is slowly dripping into my finished basement where the water lines come into the house. I suspect the soil on the outside of the foundation wall is saturated and when it's rains or snow melts the ground becomes more saturated and the pressure pushes water through the foundation wall. I would like to get a quote to seal where the water is coming in through the foundation.
Vicinity of Bellagio Ct in Herriman
I need a quote on my driveway and garage leveling
Vicinity of W. Cherry Breeze Crt. in Herriman
Driveway has sunk between 2-4 inches.
Vicinity of Pulley Ln in Herriman
Sinking driveway
Vicinity of S Sheeprock Drive in Herriman
Garage floor has large voids below it. Floor is hovering over the gravel bed that it used to lie on.
Vicinity of Trailview Way in Herriman
My front sidewalk right before my steps has sunk about 3 inches.
Vicinity of Provence Cir in Herriman
Our driveway has sunk and we need it leveled.
Vicinity of Black Sage Dr in Herriman
I have a section on my driveway which sounds hollow. I would like to get it reinforced before it cracks or sinks. Please contact me in the afternoons or evenings.
Vicinity of West Majestic Peak Drive in Herriman
The patio in our backyard is washed out. There is a hollow area underneath the patio around the window well. With all of the rain, water is filling up the hollow area, then flowing into the window well, and slowly making its way into the basement. I need someone who can drill holes in the patio and inject some sand and concrete into the hole around the window well.
Vicinity of Haywagon CT. in Herriman
Sidewalk and steps to house are sinking and uneven

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