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Expert Foundation Repair Contractor Serving Lehi, UT

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We are a trusted dealer of the renowned Foundation Supportworks, Inc., the leading manufacturer of foundation repair and stabilization products in the U.S. and Canada, as well as Basement Systems, the innovative basement waterproofing network. If your home is having foundation problems or a wet or flooded basement, call us today for a FREE estimate!

Lehi’s Expert Foundation Repair Contractor

Foundation repair is often seen as stressful and aggravating but at Davenport Foundation Repair we do everything in our power to make sure you feel cared for respected by our crews. We have worked to improve our process from start to finish to make sure you get the very best service possible. Foundation repair can vary in both damages and cost so one thing we like to stress at Davenport Foundation Repair is early detection. Early detection for foundation repair is crucial because then we have the best chance to find permanent and effective solutions. If the issues can be caught before they become too severe that greatly helps our crews with the repair process and more than likely will save you money. Our talented professionals are experts at not only recognizing problems early but also at effectively coming up with solutions. At Davenport Foundation Repair, we have effective, warrantied solutions for foundation repairs of all types, and we have the training, techniques, and top-quality products you need to permanently solve your foundation repair problems. To learn more about the products only available from us and our expertise about foundation repair call or click today!

Foundation Repair Services:

  • Wall anchor installation to straighten walls
  • Bowing and tilting wall stabilization
  • Slab & foundation pier installation to resolve settlement problems
  • Crawl space jack post installation to support sagging floors
  • Affordable wall stabilization
  • Concrete leveling & lifting
  • Commercial foundation repair
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Financing options available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation

Fast, Effective Concrete Leveling & Repair

Concrete used for walkways and driveways looks great when it's new but over time the concrete slab will eventually start to shift as the ground does. The result can look disastrous and can create a dangerous tripping hazards as well. This far cry from the originally smoothly poured concrete often leads to frustration and a hopeless feeling. If you have had a similar experience with your home know that you’re not alone and that you are in the right place! Davenport Foundation Repair has dedicated teams of knowledgeable and experienced professionals that use our patented leveling product simply known as PolyLevel™. This revolutionary concrete lifting & leveling product is capable of lifting, leveling and stabilizing concrete slab in an extremely efficient and cost-effective way. The process for concrete lifting and leveling begins by drilling a few small holes in the slab and then pouring the PolyLevel polymer into the hole. The polymer will mix and expand beneath the slab, raising it to the desired height and stabilizing it in the process. PolyLevel only takes about 15 minutes to dry and the product is environmentally friendly.

Davenport Foundation Repair also provides concrete sealing services. Our SealantPro system seals in quality and protects against damage for 3 x 5 times longer than other concrete sealants. To learn more about our concrete lifting and leveling solutions call or click today!


Crawl Space & Basement Waterproofing Company

As an experienced basement waterproofing company, Davenport Foundation Repair helps homeowners solve their basement problems fast.  If you have musty smells, walls that feel damp, or if your basement floods with heavy rain, we can help. Not sure what’s causing your home’s wet basement? Let one of our basement waterproofing experts take a look.  All of our patented basement waterproofing products, like the award-winning WaterGuard drainage channel, are custom designed to fit your home and will be installed by one of our industry experts based upon your home's needs.  It is important to not let your damp or wet basement problems go untreated.  Prolonged issues can result in bigger issues and costs such as, mold, mildew, rot, structural damage, and a variety of health problems.  Key indicators that basement waterproofing is needed are: 

  • Wet or damp basement floor
  • Leaking or damp basement walls
  • Pooling or standing water
  • crystalline deposit on concrete surfaces
  • Musty odors
  • Condensation
  • Sump pump issues
  • Leaky basement windows

We offer free inspections and estimates – schedule yours today! Call 1-877-732-9964 or click today.  

Crawl Space & Basement Waterproofing Services:

  • Basement drainage systems, dehumidifiers, wall options, and other products
  • Sump pump installation
  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Financing Available
  • FREE estimates

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Our customer's concrete leading to the front stairs had sunk several inches. We were able to level it with PolyLevel injection foam

Job Stories From Lehi, UT
Waterproofing Perimeter in Lehi, UT.

Nathan was looking online for a solution to keep the basement of his brand-new home dry and usable when he came across Davenport Foundation Repair. Nathan gave us a call to set up a free onsite estimate to discuss his options. We sent out one of our top system design specialists Jesi to take a look and provide a quote.

Once the decision was made to proceed, our expert team got to work trenching out along the perimeter of the basement to install the WaterGuard drainage system that channels any water that might infiltrate his basement into the SuperSump that we installed as well. The sump will pump out through discharge lines and carry the water away from his foundation. 

Driveway Crack Repair in Lehi, UT.

Gail found us through an internet search for contractors that can repair a large crack in her driveway. Davenport Foundation Repair takes pride in the workmanship we do as well as our products and approach to fix the problem right. 

Our team repaired a 12' crack in the driveway with our NexusPro and then sealed the joints and the driveway surface to protect the concrete from the elements.

Work Requests From Lehi, UT
Project Location: Lehi, UT
My front porch stairs were never connected with rebar. So they have unattached to the porch. So I think we just need it lifted and connected now. Can we get a bid
Project Location: Lehi, UT
Basement is weeping, some water inside. Concrete poured walls with seam at bottom for concrete floor.
Project Location: Lehi, UT
I need my driveway lifted in a few places.
Project Location: Lehi, UT
Several of my basement windows have vertical cracks above them (some centered, some over the corners) - I can provide photos if helpful. I'm not certain if this is something that I should be concerned about or if this is to be expected.
Project Location: Lehi, UT
We've noticed the dirt under or front steps as well as sidewalk connecting steps to driveway, eroding and leaving large spaces under the sidewalk with no support. One of them will probably drop soon
Project Location: Lehi, UT
I am needing an estimate on addition and possibly some foundation lifting.
Project Location: Lehi, UT
We have a massive void under our driveway. It's 6+ inches deep, 4ish feet wide, and runs nearly the length of the driveway. The nearby sidewalk has also sunk. This home is less than a year old and we're asking for the builder to help fill the void, but they want to us the standard mudjacking where I think we need something more like the polyurethane foam. I'd just like a quote as well as a 2nd opinion as to what would be the best option.
Project Location: Lehi, UT
Wet carpet in the basement and baseboards have some water damage. It covers an area about 10 to 15 feet in length and extends about 3 feet out from the wall.
Project Location: Lehi, UT
We moved in a year ago and had our basement flood a little bit. We are concerned this might happen every year and want to know how to properly fix this issue
Project Location: Lehi, UT
We had water pool up in our storage area under our kitchen. We think it's related to the recent rain and would like to see if we can find and repair however the water got in.
Project Location: Lehi, UT
My walkway leading to my front porch sank 7 inches and cleanly broke away from my concrete steps. I also have a pad at the side entrance of my garage that is completely suspended due to extreme settling. my home is a new construction, built in late 2020. looking for a quote and hoping not to have to replace the walkway and fill the gap under my side entrance. Please call my number listed above with any questions. I can provide pictures if needed.
Project Location: Lehi, UT
Basement flooding water seeping through concrete at base of floor, could be coming from underneath porch, and or foundation
Project Location: Lehi, UT
I have 3 foundational cracks that I would like inspected and reviewed for a possible repair.
Project Location: Lehi, UT
French drain/sump pump inspection
Project Location: Lehi, UT
Water leaks into the basement when there is heavy rain storm. Happy new year.
Project Location: Lehi, UT
Hairline crack in foundation in garage and a corresponding crack in stucco on exterior wall has me concerned about potential settling. House was built about 3 years ago and would like to have it looked at and discuss repair before the issue becomes bigger and more expensive.
Project Location: Lehi, UT
Not active leak/issue. Have a spot in the basement that has water leaking issues, could be a window well, or something else. Had problems years ago, but thought it was fixed, had a problem again last week. Would like to see about a permanent fix :)
Project Location: Lehi, UT
Front Stair and Sidewalk has settled needs to be raised
Project Location: Lehi, UT
Townhouse settles and has cracks from 2nd floor all the way down to basement. Deck post cement blocks sank in and posts tilted.
Project Location: Lehi, UT
We would like to seal all our external concrete prior to first freeze. This is a new build. All concrete is new. Total sq footage less than 650 sq ft. Thank you! JohnM

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